Greg Monroe triple double

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Greg Monroe triple double

Tonight Pistons Center Greg Monroe notched a triple double (21pts, 12rebs, and 11 ast) against The Kings...pistons should won this game. Pistons havent had a player get a triple double since 2004 (Billups) so its pretty good to see this happen. Can someone please wake Rodney Stuckey up...He has been giving a lack luster effort since the season started..and the pistons org been making every excuse in the book for this guy. But good game by Cousins.

*Singler scored 12pts.

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One of the best big passing

One of the best big passing big men in the game. He got more assists in that game than stuckey and knight combined....

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Stuckey should be playing the

Stuckey should be playing the 1, sned KNight down to the D league if you want to win a game

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Stucky's overated

Stucky hasn't done anything meaningful since the 2008 playoffs. Now, he just plays like a less talented tyreke evans.

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Anyone who thinks Brandon Knight needs to be sent down to the D-League deserves to have a total of NEGATIVE 200 points on this site. In only his 2nd year he averages 11pts, 7assists, 3rbs, and 2 3’s (while shooting 42% from behind the 3 point line).He’s an excellent defender when you need someone for stopping penetration. He makes his opponent play at the perimeter. He doesn’t rack up a lot of steals but he uses his length to break up a lot of passes allowing his teammates to grab loose balls.

Making your argument worse is the fact that Stuckey is averaging just 6pts and 4 assists. Detroit knew Knight was a score first point guard. They don’t need him to rack up assists(even though he is! 7 assists) when he’s playing beside one of the best passing big men in the game (Monroe). I don’t even care that Stuckey is only averaging 6pts. My problem is he’s doing it on 17% shooting. 17%!!!!

I understand Stuckey has been battling migraines and an ear infection. It might not sound like much but ear infections are brutal for shooters it messes with your balance. That being said, 17% is unacceptable. If Brandon Knight ever lowers his turnovers he’ll be considered a great PG. I did say great not elite.

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How is Singler looking? He

How is Singler looking? He just came back from Europe so I'm surprised he's already getting a lot of minutes. Does he look adjusted?

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Playing for Real Madrid has helped him. The fudamentals have carried over and he's shooting the ball very well making him a solid player. It is what I expected from someone who was a 4 year Dukie and has already played a season professionally. Clearly a smart guy who should have a very good career.

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Singler's shooting 55/45/83

Singler's shooting 55/45/83 in Detroit's 5 games this season. It's early, but I don't think it's so crazy he was getting looked at in the 15-20 range in 2010.

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I'm worried more about Stuckey's attitude rather than his form (or lack thereof). He was quoted as saying he was concerned about his lack of touches and said he seems to be just standing around on the wing.

Then Lawrence Frank comes out and says he's never seen a winning team where players are worried about touches or roles etc, they just do their job.

Stuckey has been the "Golden Child" at Detroit for a while now. He didn't cop much flak for the Kuester revolt of which he was a big part, and now during his slump they're making excuses again. So what does Stuckey do? Complain about his role on the team. It might be time for Dumars to consider what he can get for him in trade. At least coach Frank seems like he's holding him and everyone else accountable.

On a more positive note, its great to see Moose do so well. I remember before the draft when he was taken 7th that someone was comparing his passing game to that of Chris Webber. We finally may have seen the beginnings of that statement come true.

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This is what Greg Monroe can

This is what Greg Monroe can give you from the Center position.

Greg Monroe and Demarcus Cousins may be the 2 most talented young centers in the league and the future of the position.

With that said does Drummond eventually play PF or do you move Monroe to PF where he'll have a harder time defending against quicker PF's?

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