GRIZ trade for 1ST PICK?

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GRIZ trade for 1ST PICK?

It's an astronomically long shot (million-one odds), but the Griz should nevertheless pursue to tempt the Clips into trading "Blake Griffin", as he seems to fit more with the Griz, who are in dire need of a true PF (and besides, the Clips still has Zach Randolph...?).
With Blake in the lineup, the Griz's starting lineup would read;
Conley at point, OJ at 2, Gay at 3, Blake at 4, and Gasol at 5. Upon hearing that lineup, long suffering Griz fans would be salivating , and suddenly dream of all the worldly possibilities a lineup this young and talented can accomplish (instant playoff contender?). Then again, it is a long shot, and may only transpire if the Griz surrendered one of Conley, OJ or Gay, but if somehow they had the opportunity to ironically pull off a "Pau Gasol trade", essentially meaning trading "no one" (draft picks and young role players) for Blake, this "pain-enduring joke of a team" may well suddenly (and deservedly) become a prominent power other teams may actually fear of playing against (think Pau Gasol's impact with the Lakers).

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Even with...

that lineup I'd think they would need a bench. :) Plus they're in the West and the toughest division, but that'd be a great start. Guarantedd a Playoff Appearance in two years. Highly unlikely.

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they have enough money for

they have enough money for bench players that lineup would be nice and i do hope they work something out because Griffin on the clippers doesnt seem to work right./They should trade and grab Rubio who they want

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If they want Griffin they

If they want Griffin they would have to be willing to part with either Gay or Mayo and the number 2 pick not to mention most likely have to take on Randolphs contract. Only way that they could acquire Griffin.

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and u honestly think that?
do u actually think they would trade gay or mayo and the #2 pick for 2 powerfowards?
they wouldnt even make that trade to aquire amare and he's a proven all-star....come on think bout what ur posting

ricky rubio and the #27 pick and maybe darko should be more than enough
with darko's expiring contract being so attractive, not his playing

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I totally agree...along with

I totally agree...along with some cap relief that should be more than enough to get Griffin. The clippers don't need one player to make a difference on that team. They need a bunch of them and they could get that with a trade for both of Memphis's first rounders.

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I just hope

Rubio stays in :) I love his style of playing.

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No way in hell

Clippers would ever trade blake griffin..though they are the clippers haha..

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The only way that Memphis will get the 1st pick is if

A- they give LAC both 2nd and 28th pick

B- they take Randolph's big contract

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rubio and the 27 for blake? that what you were saying..that would be horrible..a unproven rubio and who ever at the 27 pick for the best player in the draft...i thinks not...and rockfan you love his style of play from the youtube clips you watched or a coupel of olympic games youve seen in which he avg 4pts 3ast 2 turnover cuz im sure you havent seen any of his games in spain

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they should

i dont know how they could but with news that rubio only wants to play for LA and Sac, then i think they should go for the 1st pick. or they could just trade down and grab hill (2nd + jaric for 4th + 23rd + kenny thomas (expiring)). here's their lineup if they do trade down:

C Gasol
PF Hill
SF Gay
SG Mayo
PG Conley

Warrick (if re-signed)
Casspi/Teague/Jrue (23rd pick based on's 2009 mock**)
Hansbrough/Terence/Taj/Derrick Brown (27th pick **)
K. Thomas
(and the rest)

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