Pelicans sign Greg Stemistma

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Pelicans sign Greg Stemistma

Pelicans waive Lance Thomas and sign Greg Stemistma to a one year deal according to mutilpe sources

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not my usual site for NBA

not my usual site for NBA news, but heres a source:

i like steisma as a rotational big off the bench, but thought whitey would have gotten that role and the pelicans were looking for a starting caliber center instead. interesting how this will play out. lots of blockers going over to new orleans.

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Really like how the

Really like how the Pelicans are shaping their roster, they've done a great job by putting solid professionals around Anthony Davis too.

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That's interesting, I

That's interesting, I actually think Withey is better than Stemistma, but I guess when you're thin at the position Greg is a cheap and that's another guy to add depth.

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I still wish Withey could

I still wish Withey could have stayed in Portland. It would've been awesome to see T-Rob and Withey play together again

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As a wolves fan I thought

As a wolves fan I thought Stiemsma was going to be perfect when they first signed him, but given minutes he was just constantly in foul trouble and surprisingly inconsistent.. He can be counted on for a few minutes and always gave good energy, but I wasn't disappointed when they let him go.. I would put Withey in front of Stiemsma as well but that said I think he is a good pickup for the Pelicans as long as they don't depend on him consistently as the Wolves had to..

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New Orleans appears to have

New Orleans appears to have created a stylistically similar team to Portland with Davis certainly being nowhere near LaMarcus Aldridge at this point. From my perspective, it is a dangerous place to be roster wise. The West is big. Even with Utah using this season to come up with the placard to hang above Jabari Parker's locker, the West still has teams that will pick on the teams that go small. Still, they have enough flexibility to deal with that at a later date. For now though, they have such a big investment in Davis that need to still protect him from being exposed by bigger, stronger players. Even if they trot out journeymen at the center spot this year, it is better than playing their #1 overall pick like the Heat did Bosh in what will still be a rebuilding year. I know you are a Kansas fan, but Withey is no bigger or stronger than Davis. The best he could do is be a second unit guy. Stiemsma has some weight on him and can at least serve as a fill in guy. He won't be good, and I would have figured they would have gone Sam Dalembert over him, but Stiemsma can be the guy who falls on the grenade. I think they should probably add some more.

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Steimsma played fairly well for Minny last year, in a bigger role than he was expected to play. Pek got hurt and missed 20, or so, games. Steimsma played starters minutes in most of those, and was Pek's primary backup in those where Pek was healthy.

Steimsma actually showed a nice little shot out to about 17 feet (although it looks more like a "shot put" than a shot), sets hard screens (had players from other teams continuously mad at him), and is an above average shot blocker. I think Minny only released him because they needed the cap space and year two of Steamers contract was voidable.

I don't follow NOLA as close as I should, so I don't know what their alternatives were, but Steamer will be a pretty good guy off the bench.

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